Distinguished Young Scholars Recipients
XU Jian
Title: Professor, Single-Cell Center
Tel: +86-532-80662651
Email: xujian@qibebt.ac.cn
Address: 189 Songling Road, Qingdao, China, 266101
Website: http://www.single-cell.cn/en/index.aspx


XU Jian (xujian@qibebt.ac.cn) currently serves as Director of Single-Cell Center and Director of BioEnergy Division. He obtained B.S. in Biotechnology from Peking University in 1997, and M.S. in Computer Science and PhD in Biochemistry under Jeffrey Gordon from Washington University in St. Louis in 2003. After serving as Research Instructor at Genome Institute of Washington University, he joined CAS-QIBEBT in 2008 and has been the founding Director of Single-Cell Center (http://www.single-cell.cn/), CAS-QIBEBT. The Center invented the Ramanomics Instrument Series (http://www.singlecellbiotech.com/), including RACS-Seq, FlowRACS, EasySort, etc, to support industrial biotechnology, precision medicine, environmental remediation and synthebic biology. Moreover, the center develops microalgal synthetic biology (using Nannochloropsis oceanica as a model) for scalable CO2 fixation and photosynthetic production of nutriceuticals and biofuels. Jian has published over170 papers, with >15,000 citations (H-index 60; https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=QEn_uXQAAAAJ&hl=zh-CN&oi=ao). He is a founding senior editor of mSystems. His contribution was recognized by career awards from NSFC, MOST and CAS, including National Distinguished Young Scholars Award (2014), National Young-Scientist Award for Science and Technology (2016) and VCANBIO Award for Biosciences and Medicine (2016).


Single-cell instrument development,  Microalgal synthetic biology for carbon dioxide fixation and biofuels,  Human microbiota and health