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Xylose metabolism and cell wall synthesis
Research Fund for International Young Scientists Call for Proposals FY 2017
Notice for CLIB-Qingdao Biotechnology Workshop 2016
Call for Papers of CAMURE-10 and ISMR-9
Call for 2016 Doctoral Programs for International Students
Call for 2016 Master’s Programs in Chinese for International Students
Call for 2016 Visiting Students Programs for International Students
1st International Alginate & Marine Biomaterial Congress (IAMBC 2015)
Research Fund for International Young Scientists Call for Proposals
CLIB-Qingdao Biotechnology Workshop Programme
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Approaching Qingdao: QIBEBT held the exchange activity for foreign students [2017-11-13]
China Launch First Carbon Emission Assessment Engineering Lab [2017-10-27]
Window to China: Team at CAS QIBEBT improves carbon capture by oleaginous microalgae through metabolic engineering [2017-09-13]
AQUAHOY: QIBEBT Generated Super-microalga for CO2 Fixation [2017-09-13]
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From Imparting Functionality to Shielding Against Unfolding via Embedding Enzymes into Metal-organic Frameworks: the insight of material biology [2017-08-22]
Garnet Based Solid State Li-Metal Batteries [2017-07-11]
Finding Salt Aggregates – Recent Development on Water Clusters, Microscale Salt Particles and pH of Neutral Salts [2017-06-13]
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Scientists Developed Raman-Activated Droplet Sorting Syst...
Scientists Produce Designer Oils in Industrial Microalgae
Two Modification Hydrolases “Speed-Up” Biomass Utilization
New Insights about Relation between Glycogen and Sucrose ...
Duckweeds Remediate Heavy Metal Pollution in Water
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