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Notice for CLIB-Qingdao Biotechnology Workshop 2016
Call for Papers of CAMURE-10 and ISMR-9
Call for 2016 Doctoral Programs for International Students
Call for 2016 Master’s Programs in Chinese for International Students
Call for 2016 Visiting Students Programs for International Students
1st International Alginate & Marine Biomaterial Congress (IAMBC 2015)
Research Fund for International Young Scientists Call for Proposals
CLIB-Qingdao Biotechnology Workshop Programme
Call for 2015 Chinese Government Scholarship Programs for Study at UCAS
Call for 2015 International Graduate Students Programs
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TOTAL Delegation Visits QIBEBT [2016-12-08]
CLIB 2nd China Delegation November 2016 [2016-12-01]
A Korea Nanomaterials Scientist Speaks at QIBEBT [2016-11-28]
Research on Seawater Desalination at QIBEBT Highlighted by Asian Scientist [2016-11-23]
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Microbial Regulation of Biologically Mediated Ocean Carbon Pumps: Patterns, Processes and Limitations [2016-12-05]
Zeolite-templated 3D Graphene-like Ordered Microporous Carbons [2016-11-25]
Mechanistic Study of Human DNA Replication Proteins that Regulate Cell Proliferation and Differentiation [2016-11-14]
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Flexible Solar Cells: A Better Perspective?
Can We Realize Zero-discharge during Seawater Desalination?
Genome Editing Platform for Industrial Oleaginous Microalgae
Scientists Turn Inulin Resources into Ethanol and FOS
How Nutrients Affect Green Tides in the Yellow Sea?
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