Lecture: The Art of Scientific Publishing

LectureThe Art of Scientific Publishing

LecturerHarold Drake (University of Bayreuth, Germany)

Time:10:30am, Nov. 7, 2019, Thursday

Location: 205 Meeting Room, Administration Building 


 “I am excited about my data, it will be great when they are published!” The student’s enthusiasm was short lived because his manuscript was rejected. This experience is unfortunately not uncommon.  The hardest work in scientific publishing is often thought to be the effort needed to collect the data. Once the hard-to-get data are in hand, it seems safe to assume that publishing them is the easy part. However, many journals have very high rejection rates of 75% or greater, so the transformation of a manuscript into a published paper can be challenging.  Scientific publishing is a learned art, and the talk will examine (a) logistics of learning this art and (b) approaches for minimizing perils. Audience participation will be encouraged.