Lecture: Academic Writing: Resources and Skills

LectureAcademic Writing: Resources and Skills

LecturerDr. ZHANG Yaoqing, Nature Communications

Time14:00 pm, September 17, 2019, Tuesday 

Location111 Meeting Room, Energy Building

Introduction of Lecturer: 

ZHANG Yaoqing is a Senior Editor at Nature Communications, where he handles a wide swath of manuscripts spanning the areas of energy research, with a particular focus on solid state ionics and electrochemical energy storage. Prior to that, he spent a few years in Japan working on inorganic solids with exotic physics and chemistry, and even further back in the mists of time, he received training as a solid state chemist in the UK for a PhD degree. Dr ZHANG is based in the Shanghai office, and outside the area of his editorial interest, he is a fan of crystallography, superconductivity and high pressure chemistry.