Publishing energy research in Nature journals

Lecture: Publishing energy research in Nature journals


Lecturer: Dr. ZHANG Yaoqing, Nature Communications


Time: 14:00 pm, Mar. 15, 2019, Friday 


Location: 111 Meeting Room, Energy Building


Introduction of Lecturer: 

ZHANG Yaoqing is a Senior Editor at Nature Communications, where he handles a wide swath of manuscripts spanning the areas of energy research, with a particular focus on solid state ionics and electrochemical energy storage. Prior to that, he spent a few years in Japan working on inorganic solids with exotic physics and chemistry, and even further back in the mists of time, he received training as a solid state chemist in the UK for a PhD degree. Dr Zhang is based in the Shanghai office, and outside the area of his editorial interest, he is a fan of crystallography, superconductivity and high pressure chemistry.



Nature-branded journals continue to strive to publish the most significant advances in research on various topics. We are on the lookout for novel findings whose importance can be appreciated not only by specialists in the field, but also by a broader audience of scientists in the related disciplines. In this talk I will endeavour to shed light on how editors at Nature journals particularly Nature Communications apply the editorial criteria in practice, and determine which few of the many excellent research submissions make it through to publication. This talk will also involve personal views on the current trends in scholarly publishing whose landscape is currently undergoing unprecedented changes, particularly given that the recent launch of ‘Plan S’ by European Commission is pushing forward the transition to full and immediate open access to research publications.