QIBEBT Collaborates with NHC on release of “2023 Scientific Handwashing Initiative”

On October 14th, the Population Culture Development Center of China’s National Health Commission (NHC), in collaboration with Safeguard, launched the 2023 “Spread Health across China, Handwashing in Action” program. Prof. XU Jian and DAI Yajie from Single-Cell Center at QIBEBT were invited as key guests to the event.


A highlight of the event was the release of the “2023 Scientific Handwashing Initiative”. Prof. XU Jian, representing the co-publishers, shared insights into the methodologies and data pertaining to pathogens in ten common scenarios.


He stressed that pathogens listed by the WHO as threats to human health are widespread in these environments, with a contamination rate of up to 100%. Disturbingly, locales such as express delivery and distribution centers, school gym equipment, and hospitals presented particularly high levels of pathogenic contamination.

“2023 Scientific Handwashing Initiative” Officially Released

In a roundtable, XU and leading experts discussed the "Ten Scenarios, Scientific Handwashing" from the initiative, emphasizing the importance of hand hygiene awareness. "This program provides a valuable platform for hygiene education, backed by data," XU stated. "We will persist in our research efforts, letting data drive our message to raise awareness about the significance of hand hygiene," he remarked. Representatives from the NHC, Beijing Children's Hospital, Procter & Gamble, and Meione also participated.

Roundtable Discussion Spotlights Importance of Scientific Handwashing

This program aims to provide the public with a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the importance of handwashing, while encouraging all sectors of society to actively participate in promoting accurate handwashing knowledge.


The ramanome-based platform for Raman-activated single-cell analysis-sorting-sequencing-cultivation, developed by Single-Cell Center and Qingdao Single-Cell Biotech. Co., Ltd., is anticipated to enhance metabolic function studies of human microbiomes to single-cell precision, subsequently furnishing comprehensive data for informed hand hygiene practices.


The "Spread Health across China, Handwashing in Action" program was initiated in November 2022 by the Population Culture Development Center of NHC in collaboration with Safeguard in response to the "Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline". Single-Cell Center has a close collaboration with this program. Since 2010, Single-Cell Center began its layout on microbiome research and collaborated with Procter & Gamble Innovation Research Center on various studies, including the "Joint Scientific Research Program on Skin, Oral, and Residential Environment Microbiome" – iMicroCare, achieving internationally recognized and influential results. (Text and Image By LIU Yang)