The 4th China-Japan Clean Energy Symposium and China-Japan-Korea Workshop on Advanced Power and Energy Storage Batteries Held Online

On Dec. 5 to 6, the 4th China-Japan Clean Energy Symposium and the China-Japan-Korea Workshop on Advanced Power and Energy Storage Batteries was successfully held online. 
The Symposium was guided by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and the Bureau of International Cooperation Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It was organized by the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and  Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT), CAS, and Shandong Energy Institute (SEI).
This annual Symposium brings academic authorities and scientists together from China, Japan and South Korea to discuss the scientific issues and challenges faced by the future development of advanced power and energy storage batteries, and jointly explore the huge potential of clean energy.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Dr. LU Xuefeng, Director General of QIBEBT/SEI. He expressed that the development of clean energy is the common goal and responsibility of each country. This symposium would provide new opportunities and a broader platform for clean energy transformation.
JST Executive Officer, Mrs. YONEYAMA Haruko reviewed the history of this bilateral Clean Energy Symposium, and introduced the cooperation programs supporting Japanese and Chinese scientists.
Mr. LIANG Kailong, deputy director general, Department of Science and Technology Shandong Government, introduced the major historical mission of Shandong Province to build a green, low-carbon and high-quality development pilot zone, as well as the prospect of international cooperation and exchanges in Shandong Province.
Mr. WANG Zhenyu, deputy director general, International Cooperation Bureau of CAS, introduced the comprehensive, in-depth and diversified international cooperation and exchange work of the CAS.

This forum focused on the theme of " Advanced Power and Energy Storage Batteries ". Based on years of communication and cooperation between the scientific and technological professionals of the different countries, approximately 20 experts from China, Japan and Korea presented their fantastic research work online. 
Focusing on the current lithium-ion battery and the next-generation energy storage battery, the main force of power and energy storage batteries, the experts shared their latest scientific and technological achievements, and discussed new materials, new electrolyte solid electrolyte systems, and new characterization of power and energy storage batteries from basic research to applied research theoretical simulation.

At the closing ceremony, Prof. CUI Guanglei of QIBEBT summarized the in-depth and extensive exchange activities carried out by scientists in the fields of advanced power and energy storage batteries in this seminar He believed that all the participants would deliver new fruits of cooperation through this annual activity in future.
The Symposium was broadcast live online, attracting totally 12.7 thousand audiences to watch and interact.