Dr. HUANG Wei invited as adjunct professor by QIBEBT

Dr. HUANG Wei was invited to be an adjunct professor by the QIBEBT last week. The announcement was issued by QIBEBT's director general WANG Lisheng. Deputy director general ZHAO Xichao attended the ceremony.

Dr. HUANG Wei is an associate professor of Environmental Microbiology at University of Sheffield, and the chief scientist at Wei Xin Yu Biotechnology LLC. He is one of the pioneers who have utilised Raman micro-spectroscopy for the study of microbes at the single cell level, and this technology also helps to manipulate and sort non-culturable microbes, study cell-cell (nanoparticles) interactions and gene expression of single cells. He has published over 40 journal papers and 8 book chapters or proceedings. He is the reviewer for Nature, ISME Journal, Applied & Environmental Microbiology and research grants of EPSRC and BBSRC. His main research interests include: 1) Single cell Raman tweezers technology (e.g. study genetic functions of non-culturable microorganisms in ecosystem); 2) Microbial evolution (e.g. the role of gene transformation in evolution); 3) Synthetic biology (e.g. gene trapping & screening, biosensors and bioenergy).