P&G Global Business Development Delegation visited the QIBEBT

A P&G Global Business Development Delegation led by technology director Ms. Lydia Wang have been invited to visit the QIBEBT on 21 April. Deputy director general ZHAO Xichao met with the guests. Assistant director general LU Xuefeng hosted the meeting.

During the meeting, senior manager Dr. SHI Yonghui and principal scientist Dr. George Li addressed the P&G’s need and strategic deployment on the biotechnology, renewable materials and chemicals. QIBEBT researchers from functional genomics group, nanobioelectronics & biosensors group, metabolic engineering group, thermal chemical conversion group, green chemocatalysis group, etc. introduced their research progress to the guests.

Both parties agree that there are several areas of common interest, such as microbial communities and renewable materials and chemicals, where the collaboration can grow. Two organizations also expressed the great interests to develop a long and strategic partnership for more environment friendly products development to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel.