QIBEBT and Weizmann Institute of Science work together on novel cellulosomes

Professor XU Jian, CUI Qiu and Dr. XU Chenggang, invited by Prof. Edward Bayer, visited Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, on 13th Dec 2010.  

This visit was paid under the framework of the China-Israel Joint Research Program awarded by Prof. Bayer and XU in 2009. The cooperative project aimed to develop novel and engineered cellulosomes with optimal specificity and efficiency for different types of cellulosic polysaccharides. To reach the goals, two parties will fully integrate the strength and resources on biochemical studies of Clostridial cellulosomes from Israel Group and high-throughput genomics and genetic engineering of Clostridia spp. from Chinese Group.

During the visit, the researchers exchanged opinions and ideas on common experiments and research plan for the coming year, and they also discussed about the mechanism on staff exchange on regular basis.

This academic visit not only would promote the project development, but also laid a foundation for the long-term cooperation between China and Israel on bioenergy.