Shell Global Solutions Biodomain Manager Visit the QIBEBT

A delegation of 3 members from the Innovation Biodomain of Shell Global Solutions, headed by Regional Manager Dr. Jeremy Shears, visited the QIBEBT on 9-10th November. Deputy Director General ZHAO Xichao received guests.

Assistant director general Prof. LU Xuefeng introduced the R&D overview of the QIBEBT. Shell Global Solutions team discussed with the Shell project PIs and key participants on the project progresses and next-step research plans.

Afterwards, Shell guests learnt from associate professors Dr. LI Jianjun and Dr. ZHU Jiangfeng from Metabolic Engineering Group on their work about biofuels and value-added biochemicals. Dr. Shears also talked with the group members of Functional Genomics and Energy Microalgae, and visited the labs.