TOTAL Visit QIBEBT for PhotoVoltaics

To implement the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the TOTAL S.A. and the Chinese Academy of Sciences on 2nd June, a delegation composed by the team of Department Solar & New Energies paid a visit to the QIBEBT with the company of TOTAL (China) chief science representative Dr. XU Zhonghua on March 24, 2010. Deputy Director General ZHAO Xichao received the Delegation and hosted the meeting.

The TOTAL team introduced their R&D global strategy and their cooperation in China. Also, they briefly talked about the R&D and collaboration in the Department Solar & New Energies. Professor YANG Renqiang, group leader of advanced organic functional materials, and Professor WAN Xiaobo, group leader of biobased polymer materials introduces their researcher work and proposal in the fields of organic film solar cells, novel conducting polymer and the nano-structure of conjugated polymer. For the other scientific fields defined in the MOU, the related scientists talked with Dr. XU Zhonghua based on mutual interested topics.

Both parties wish to develop the potential cooperation opportunity and find out a start-point for initiation. The visit by TOTAL Solar team makes a better understanding of each other and it will be a good start for future idea exchange and cooperation to share the expertise and know-how.