Shell executive visit the institute

     On Nov 26th, 2008, the CTO of Dutch Shell plc, Dr. Jan van der Eijk and 4 others visit the Institute. Director Lisheng WANG, Deputy Director Xichao ZHAO and Dongzhi WEI welcome the guests and have a warm discussion with them. Deputy Director Dongzhi WEI holds a seminar for institute researchers to exchange research innovations with these experts.

    In the seminar, Prof Jian XU introduces to the guests the situation of current technology layout, human resources and scientific research work development of the institute. Then, Dr. Jan van der Eijk and Dr. Mike Goosey, R&D manager of the department of biology, Shell Global Strategy, Dr Mike Goosey of Shell, introduce overall situation of the company's technology research and the contribution from Shell to global bioenergy research development and application, as well as the cooperation between Shell and other scientific research organizations. Finally, both sides discuss possible future collaboration areas such as biomass pretreatment, bio-based chemicals, bioenergy strategies and evaluation.

    After the seminar, Dr. Jan van der Eijk and others, accompanied by the Institute leaders, visit the new campus of the Institute. They are impressed by the public laboratory platform and the Pilot workshop.

    These experts also have a further discussion with the researchers from functional genomics team and biological metabolic engineering team.

    Shell visit provides a great basis for future cooperation between the two organizations.