End of Postdoctoral Research

After 21 months of entering the postdoctoral position, the postdoctoral fellows can apply for finishing their postdoctoral research and leave the institute.
1.Finish the Postdoctoral Research Report with the guidance of your advisor and his/her secretary.
2.Please fill the online form on the Chinese Government website with the assistance of your advisor’s secretary.
3. Provide hard copies of the following documents for your advisor’s secretary. And the secretary needs to submit them to the QIBEBT personnel department .
    a.《博士后研究人员工作期满登记表》(Chinese version) ;
    b. 《博士后研究人员工作期满审核表》(Chinese version) ;
    c.《博士后研究人员工作期满业务考核表》(Chinese version) ;
    d.《接收单位意见表》(Chinese version) 
    e. Postdoctoral Final Performance Approval Form;
4. The documents mentioned above will be upload to the government by the QIBEBT personnel department. After all the processes have been approved, you will receive an email notification, and then you can officially leave the institute.