Postdoctoral Registration
1. For non-resident post-doc fellows, within 24 hours of entry into China, you need to check in at a local police station accompanied by your postdoctoral advisor’s secretary.
2. Your postdoctoral advisor’s secretary will assist you to obtain the following documents:
a. Your work permit;
b. Your medical certification;
c. Your Chinese residence permit.
3. Please bring the following documents to the DICP Personnel Department with your advisor’s secretary.
a. Your medical certification;
b. Your identification photo (size: 3.5cm wide × 4.9cm high);
c. A copy of your passport (profile page and Chinese visa page);
d. A copy of your residence permit;
e. A copy of your PhD transcripts.
You are done with the postdoctoral registration after we check and confirm your documents.
Note: if you still have any questions, please reach out to the personnel department (