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    Public Service Technology Center
    Public Service Technology Center

    Public Service Technology Center (PSTC) is composed of Market Management Department, Intellectual Property Department, Engineering Department, Engineering Development Department and International Cooperation Department.


    The main task

    PSTC tackles key problem of engineering technology, does systemic, matching, engineering and industrialized development job based on existing technological production of some research institution. PSTC applies for whole set of technology, criterion, techniques and equipment to the society.  At the same time, PSTC works on the programming and implementation of related industries of QIBEBT, and promote the cooperation of academe and local government, in order to achieve benefit of technology transfer, and returns QIBEBT.


    Department Function

    Market Management Department researches on technical progress, policy variety and industrialization trends in energy field in China and abroad. It also evaluates technology of QIBEBT and analyzes its feasibility of industrialization. Market Management Department is responsible of investigation of market requirement, picks out scientific and technological achievements that can be industrialized. It recommends technological achievements, pilot test results and industrialized achievement to the world. Market Management Department services engineering and technology to corporation.


    Intellectual Property Department supervises on intellectual property of scientific and research item in   QIBIBT, analyzes the state of technical and scientific achievements that need to be industrialized and avoids dissension on property right. It handles on intellectual property transfer and actualization permission appeared during technology achievements industrialization. Moreover, Intellectual Property Department treats on other business related to intellectual property.


    Engineering Department is responsible of organizing and executing on constructing pilot test system and industrialization item. It constructs equipment and related establishment that engineering item and pilot test workshop needs. It affords technical support for the operation and maintenance of the institute district matched equipments.


    Engineering Development Department analyzes and evaluates on item that is going to be industrialized, and makes report about the possibility of item industrialization. It does the exact development job about engineering item, including technics courses, engineering technique, engineering equipment and system, engineering design and shaping related criterion. It also applies engineering and industrialization item of China, CAS, corporation and the related government. Moreover, it organizes and actualizes engineering exploiting test, and services on items such as engineering research, design, experiment and consultation.


    International Cooperation Department facilitates cooperation and communion between QIBEBT and international technology exploitation organization. It organizes application of some item, works on engineering item development, imports international technology that is urgent needed by PSTC. Moreover, it admits technological talent to do engineering research and development, and it recommends excellent production of QIBEBT to the world.



    Public Service Technology Center
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