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    Group Leader and Members

    Group Leader  


    Dr. Yonghong Zheng. Born in 1970. Professor. Director of Bioenergy Strategy and Network Service Centre. Director of R&D Department. Prof. Zheng conducted his postdoctoral work at State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering at Dalian University of Technology from 1998 to 2000, and worked in Ocean Energy Laboratory of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, CAS, from 2000 to 2006. He has PI and coordinated over 20 projects supported by “National Tenth Five-year Program” and “National Eleventh Five-year Program”, 863 programs, NSFC, and Postdoctoral Foundation. He has published over 90 papers on peer-reviewed journals, among which 50 are indexed by SCI/EI. He has received five provincial prizes. Now his research directions mainly are computational fluid dynamics, ocean energy use and bioenergy strategic research.



    Group Members

    There are 9 group members, including 5 research assistants and 3 postgraduate students who have education background and working experience in the fields of bioenergy technology assessment, analysis and prediction models, and GIS research.

    Laboratory Staff

    Peidong Zhang

    Project Manager

    zhangpd AT qibebt.ac.cn

    Jing Yang

    Project Manager

    yangjing AT qibebt.ac.cn

    Jingang Fang

    Project Manager

    fangjg AT qibebt.ac.cn

    Huimin Li

    Project Manager

    lihm AT qibebt.ac.cn

    Qirong Sun

    Project Assistant

    sunqr AT qibebt.ac.cn

    Strategic Planning and Information Centre
    Group Leader and Members
    Research Area and Projects
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