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    Research Area and Projects

    The group research work focuses on national and regional strategy of bioenergy technology and industrial development as well as the sustainable development needs for the institute. The group conducts strategic information research in the field of bioenergy and process. At the same time, it undertakes research on evaluation of the sustainable development strategy for important bioenergy resources, technology, systems, products and industries. The group also provides bioenergy policies and planning formulation study at the national and regional scale.

    •     Research on sustainable development strategies. Carry out strategic information research in the bioenergy and process field, predict the future development situation in the field of science, technology and industry, and provide advices on sustainable development strategy for the resources, technology, products and industry;
    •     Safety evaluation for essential technology. Evaluate security and economy of important biological resources, technology and product applications, and provide support for strategic decision on sustainable development of the industry.

    Strategic Planning and Information Centre
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    Research Area and Projects
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