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    Open Laboratory
    Open Lab for Bioenergy and Process

    Coordinating resources of institutional research facilities, with the fundamental of “unified planning, centralized management, open share, paid service”, the laboratory is a public technology supporting platform of “innovative support for R&D innovation”, operated under the principle of modern sharable laboratories.

    The Director shall assume overall responsibility for the work of the Open Lab, which is organized into four separate functional departments: Large Instrument Platform, Biological Experiment Platform, Chemical Experiment Platform, and Support Center.

    ------Large Instrument Platform

    This is a powerful functional platform to realize analysis of structure and component. It has all the essential equipment including NMR Spectrometer, LSCM, TEM, SEM, XRD, GC-MS, LC-MS, IR, GS FLx-454, and Solexa.  


    ------Chemical Platform

    This is an integrated experimental platform for chemical conversion process with the aim at realizing the breakthrough of conversion technologies and optimization of process flow. It has the most advanced equipment and integrated system like Physisorption Analyzer, HPLC, GC, and Elemental Analyzer.


    ------Biological Platform

    This platform is a functional system to provide lifecycle support for the development of biological products, techniques and process. It has equipment and integrated system including real-time PCR, Gel Imaging System, Cell Disrupter System, AKTA Purifier System. 


    ------Support Center

    The Support Center provides information and logistics service for platform operation. The center is composed of Gene Bank, Reagent Bank, and Administration Office.


    Type of Administration

     ------Digital Management

      ---Build a website for Open Lab

      ---Create an online-search-and-appointment-order system for equipment, reagent and general consumables

      ---Create an information management system for reservation and service of sharable resources

    ------Open-Share Services

      ---Sharable and joint pattern of dedicated functional space and group individual space

      ---Equipment management, maintenance and training

      ---Process design and standardization of experiment

      ---Function development and method innovation

      ---Paid service mechanism

    ------Operation Support

      ---50 professional technical and support staff

      ---Multichannel grant resources

      ---Continuous investment mechanism

      ---Standardization of operation and maintenance

      ---Match up with external resources


    More information also available at:  http://english.qibebt.cas.cn/rs/fs/ or 


    Open Lab for Bioenergy and Process
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