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    The First Meeting of the International Academic Advisory Committee Held in Shandong Energy Institute
    Update time: 2020-12-18
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    On December 17, the First Meeting of the International Academic Advisory Committee of the Shandong Energy Institute was held in Qingdao, marking the formal establishment of the International Academic Advisory Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "IAAC") of the Shandong Energy Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "Institute"). A total of 14 energy experts from seven countries (or regions) participated in this meeting online or in person, and pooled their wisdom on the S&T layout and research fields of the Institute. Dr. XIE Kechang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chair of the IAAC, and Dr. LU Xuefeng, vice director general of the Institute, presided over the meeting respectively.

    First of all, Dr. LU Xuefeng announced the IAAC's chair, vice chairs and members. Academician LIU Zhongmin, director general of the Institute, issued certificate of appointment to the participating members. Dr. XIE Kechang and Dr. LIU Zhongmin delivered welcome speeches at the meeting.

    Dr. XIE Kechang extended his warm congratulations on the successful convening of the first meeting of the IAAC. He said that the establishment of the Institute is a major deployment by Shandong to thoroughly implement China's scientific and technological innovation ideas of "promoting the integration of production, education, research and practical application" and "establishing an innovative consortium". It is a significant measure to pool together the scientific and technological advantages in the energy sector and build a major innovation platform for energy technology, an important starting point for achieving high-quality development of the energy industry in Shandong, and a concrete move boosting China's progress in energy technology and achieving its carbon emission reduction target. The role of the IAAC is to maximize the comprehensive advantages of disciplines, majors and international influence, and provide the Institute with academic advice on research directions, the construction of innovation platforms, major innovation research, and talent team building. On behalf of the two deputy directors and all members of the IAAC, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the trust placed by the Group of Construction Promotion of the Institute.

    Dr. LIU Zhongmin stated that Shandong is a major province in China in terms of energy production and consumption, with the largest energy and coal consumption in China. There is a high demand for energy technology innovation and a strong desire to achieve low-carbon and green development in Shandong. Since the inception of the Institute, we have addressed the challenges of COVID-19, and completed the formulation of the development plan, campus planning, personnel recruitment, and other key tasks of the Institute. We have made clear that the layout and major research direction of the Institute is the top priority for its long-term development. He sincerely invited all members to propose suggestions on this regard. Meanwhile, he warmly welcomed more members to participate in the construction of the Institute in various forms including scientific and technological cooperation, joint training, and talent recommendation.

    At the meeting, the members actively put forward suggestions to issues in the fields of fossil energy, solar energy, bioenergy, advanced energy storage technology, hydrogen energy and fuel cell, and marine energy, and jointly proposed academic advice on the scientific and technological layout and research direction of the Institute. Dr. XIE Kechang, on behalf of the members of the IAAC, concluded that the energy transformation cannot be accomplished in one move, and the key lies in the breakthrough of disruptive technology and the optimization of the energy structure; the energy transformation is not linear development; and its success depends on the comprehensive consideration of economy, convenience and security by the public. To create a "strong triangle" structure featuring stable supply, environmental friendliness and low price is not only the ultimate goal of energy transformation, but also the goal of the Institute.

    Last but not the least, Dr. XIE Kechang proposed to the members that they should firmly grasp the major academic direction of the Institute, focus on the advancement of innovation in science and technology, effectively expand its international academic influence, and make joint efforts to establish a team of professional talents. All the members should seek unity of thinking for common development, and join hands to create a brilliant future for the Institute.

    (Text and Image by YANG Xutong)



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