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    Digital NMR Spectrometer
    Update time: 2009-09-16
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    Digital NMR Spectrometer

    Model: BrukerAVANCE III 600 MHz

    Ultra Shield Plus magnet:
    54 mm bore (operation field at 14.095 Tesla)
    Field stability (guaranteed value in persistent mode) < 9.0 Hz/hr

    Broadband Probehead BB-H-D 5 mm, 'BBO':
    1H sensitivity 370:1 (0.1% EB sample, 2ppm noise)
    13Csensitivity280:1 (ASTM sample)
    15N sensitivity40:1 (90% formamide sample)
    31P sensitivity160:1 (TPP sample)
    Variable temperature range is from -150°C to +180°C

    Triple inverse TCI cryo-probehead:
    1H sensitivity 7000:1 (0.1% Ethylbenzene, over 200 Hz noise)
    Sucrose sensitivity 1050:1 (2mM Sucrose H2O/D2O, Aq. 1s)
    Sucrose sensitivity 325:1 (sucrose with 250mM NaCl, W-545-PP)
    Sucrose sensitivity 400:1 (sucrose with 250mM NaCl, shaped tube)
    13C sensitivity 1100:1 (ASTM)
    2H sensitivity 1000:1 (1% D2O / 99% H2O)
    Variable temperature range is from -20°C to +80°C

    B-ACS 60 automatic sample changer

    Nitrogen liquefying extension of Cryoplatform

    Performance & Applications

    This NMR Systems can be used to study the structure of molecules, the interaction of various molecules, kinetics or dynamics of molecules, and the composition of mixtures of biological or synthetic solutions or compositesfor chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and material sciences.The molecules of interest include small organic molecules or metabolites, midsized peptides or natural products, and proteins with a molecular weight of tens of kDa.

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