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    X-ray Diffractometer
    Update time: 2009-09-16
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    X-ray Diffractometer

    Model: D8 ADVANCE (BRUKER AXS Company)

    Technical Features

    • Reproducibility: 0.0001o
      Smallest Step: 0.0001o
    • (2) Angular Positioning: Stepper motors with Optical Encoders
      Working Model: θ/θ
    • (3) Detector: LynxEye array Detector
    • (4) Accessories: high-temperature original position analysis specimen stage (1200℃), capillary specimen stage



    Mainly used for qualitative/quantitative phase analysis, crystallinity calculating, crystal size and lattice distortion defining. Widely used in chemistry, chemical engineering, geology, metallurgy, ceramics, ecology, medicine, etc.

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