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Metabolomics Group focuses on cellulose-degrading microbes (such as Clostridia thermocellum) and fuel-producing microbes (such as oil-rich alga), and utilizes these organisms to construct Consolidated Bioprocessing (CBP) route for biofuel production. The research goal is to industrially convert cheap biomass materials, such as straw, corn stover etc, into biofuels and high value-added products. The general strategy is to use techniques including qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolite by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and high resolution mass spectrometer, 13C isotope-assistant steady/dynamic metabolic flux analysis, to obtain systematical whole-cellular metabolic function information, and then combine the genome and transcriptome data, metabolic network modeling and metabolic control analysis to perform computer-aided metabolic engineering, We also heavily engaged in structure-function study of key proteins by structural determination and protein engineering. Finally, genetic manipulating system for non-model organisms, fermentation and process optimization for biofuel production are also involed in our research theme.

Group Website: http://www.bioenergychina.org/mb/index.html

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