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Biohydrogen and Biogas


Group Leader: Prof. Dr. GUO Rongbo

Tel: 86-532-80662708

E-mail: guorb@qibebt.ac.cn 


Rongbo Guo. Professor. Group leader of Biohydrogen and Biogas Group. Awarded by "Max Planck Scholarship”. Prof. Guo graduated from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, with Ph.D. degree in 2003, conducted his visiting scholar at Institute for Ecological Chemistry of the Environment and Health Research Center in Germany (GSF) in 2001 and senior visiting scholar at German Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Institute of Microbiology from 2005 to 2007. Prof. Guo is interested in anaerobic fermentation of solid biomass materials for biogas production. He has published more than 60 papers and 15 patents.  

Research Focus 

1.       Development of anaerobic industrial and agricultural waste treatment technology 

2.       Molecular analysis and isolation of the functional microbes in anaerobic system 

3.       Development of real-time monitor and control system for methane fermentation process 

4.       Biogas purification and storage technology  

5.       Biogas residues utilization technology 

Research Activities


1. Technology for agricultural biogas plant 

Agricultural straw is the most abundant biomass resource in China. High content of celluloselow biodegradability, slow biodegradability and low effective conversion are the key challenges to convert agricultural straw to bioenergy, which greatly increased the biogas production cost. We developed high-performance and high-solid-content anaerobic fermentation which greatly reduced the investment and process energy consumption of biogas plant.  


Figure 1 Demonstration project in Qingdao & Baicheng, Jilin with straw as fermentation material 

2. Anaerobic fermentation of macroalgae 

Marine macroalgae,without need of land and freshwater for their cultivation and with higher photosynthetic efficiency (68%) than terrestrial biomass (1.82.2%) , have the high potentials to fully and partly displace terrestrial biomass and produce sustainable bioenergy and biomaterials. We developed technologies for simultaneous production of hydrogen and methane from algae or algal residue in fresh water or seawater systems. 



Figure 2 Methane production from anaerobic marine macroalgae fermentation. 

3. Molecular analyses of the functional microbial populations 

Phylogenetic structure of the bacterial and archaeal communities in a full scale mesophilic corn straw-treating biogas reactor was investigated by a 16S rRNA gene-cloning method.  Several functional microbes were isolated, such as strictly anaerobic, syntrophic atomatic compounds degrading bacteria, alcohol and amino acids degrading bacteria, and hydrogen-producing bacteria. The effect of bioaugmentation with aromatic compounds degrading bacteria and hydrogen-producing bacteria on biogas production of corn straw was investigated. 


Figure 3 Bacterial and archaeal composition retrieved from corn straw treating biogas slurry 

4. Bio-methane via biogas purification 

Upgrading technologies for biogas were developed in our group. A scaling-up water-scrubbing method was developed for biogas purification in Pingdu, Qingdao. Bio-methane gas produced from the first resolution had reached the Chinese national gas standard. The recovery of methane is above 98%, and the concentration of methane can reach >97%. Further research on the second resolution and water spray processes is warranted. 


 Figure 4 Scaling up device for biogas purification demonstration project in Pingdu, Qingdao 

5. Natrual Gas Hydrate for storage and separation 

The difference character of CO2 and CH4 in clathrate hydrate formation rate was used for the biogas upgrading, the formation and release dynamic was studied with different additives as promoter for the methane clathrate hydrate storage.  


Figure 5 Lab experiment equipment for the methane storage (left) and biogas separation (right) with the clathrate hydrate formation 

 Figure 6 Combustion of methane clathrate hydrate  

Selected Publications 



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    Yanling Qiu, Xiao-zhu Kuang, Xiao-shuang Shi, Xian-zheng Yuan, and Rong-bo Guo. Terrimicrobium sacchariphilum gen. nov. sp. nov., an anaerobic bacterium of the class Spartobacteria of the phylum Verrucomicrobia from a rice paddy field. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 64:1718-1723 (2014). 

    Yan-Ling Qiu, Satoshi Hanada, Yoichi Kamagata, Rong-Bo Guo, and Yuji Sekiguchi.Aminovibrio alcoholicus gen. nov. sp. nov., an anaerobic, mesophilic carbohydrates, alcohols and amino-acids degrading bacterium within the phylum Synergistetes, isolated from methanogenic sludge. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol doi:10.1099/ijs.0.060681-0 (2014).  

    Yuan, X. Z., Shi, X. S., Yuan, C. X., Wang, Y. P., Qiu, Y. L., Guo, R. B., & Wang, L. S. Modeling anaerobic digestion of blue algae: Stoichiometric coefficients of amino acids acidogenesis and thermodynamics analysis. Water research.49 (1),113-123 (2014). 

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Group Members

Group Leader: Prof. GUO Rongbo 

Associate Prof.: QIU Yanling, WANG Chuanshui, LUO Shengjun, FAN Xiaolei 

Assistant Prof.: YUAN Xianzheng, XU Xiaohui, YANG Zhiman, SHI Xiaoshuang, DAI Meng 

PhD/Master students: 10

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