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    Research Progress
    Scientists Synthesize Highly Efficient Ultra-wide-bandgap Conjugated Polymers | 2017-11-10

      Organic conjugated polymers continue attracting considerable attention all over the world in the prospect of producing high-efficient, large-area, and flexible organic electronics with tunable properties. The potential applications of organic semiconductors include organic field-effect trans...more
    Big Data Evaluation of Marine Carbon Fixation Driven by Planktonic Microalgae | 2017-10-31

      Increasing emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases are now facilitating global warming, which seriously threatens human life and social sustainable development. Curbing dangerous climate change requires deep cuts in emissions, as well as enhancing carbon sequestration. The ocean plays im...more
    Low-cost Zn and Mg batteries_副本.jpg
    Zn and Mg Batteries Powered Low-Speed Electric Vehicles | 2017-10-27

      There has been a strong global incentive to develop electric vehicles, as a move to reduce oil dependence and mitigate green gas emission. Especially, because of mobility and low use costs, the low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) revolution has exploded in rural and suburb areas of China.
    Novel Nanomaterial Achieves Rapid Formation of Natural Gas Hydrates | 2017-09-19

      Natural gas hydrates, also called combustible ice, are formed with natural gas and water molecules at suitable pressure and temperature. The estimated amount of natural gas hydrates is equivalent to more than twice of fossil fuels, which are recognized as a clean and efficient alternative en...more
    The central portrait of the Monkey King (a powerful and influential demon in Chinese fairy) represents the substrate of a biosynthetic P450 enzyme_副本.jpg
    Uncommon P450 Reactions Expand Natural Products Chemical Space | 2017-09-15
    P450 enzymes (P450s), a super family of proteins widely distributed in animals, plants and microorganisms, represent the most versatile biocatalysts in nature. P450s play important roles in the biosynthesis of natural products due to their substrate diversity and catalytic reactions diversity.
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