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    Research Progress
    Perovskite Solution Aging: Scientists Find Solution | 2020-03-18

      Perovskite solar cells have developed quickly in the past decade. But like silicon solar cells, the efficiency of perovskite solar cells is highly dependent upon the quality of the perovskite layer, which is related to its crystallinity.
      Unfortunately, the aging process of the perovskite...more
    Scientists Synthesized Highly-efficient and Stable Single-atom Fe-N-C Electrocatalyst from Renewable Biomass | 2020-03-16

      The development and commercialization of fuel cells relies heavily on Pt-based catalysts which are efficient for the sluggish four-electron oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). However, the high cost, scarcity and poor methanol tolerance of Pt pose a great challenge to the widespread adoption of...more
    Highly Efficient, Low-cost Method Developed to Reduce DNA Errors | 2020-03-16

      DNA only persists through replication—naturally or synthetically. While humans need the genetic material to be reproduced in order to replace old or damaged cells, the ability to replicate DNA in a laboratory setting can provide researchers insights into the mechanisms of disease or the pla...more
    Newly Proposed Method Offers Fermentable Sugars from Sustainable Lignocellulosic Biomass | 2020-03-11

      Fuel, animal feed, other major carbon-rich products could have a sustainable replacement with the help of a new approach to processing a plant biomass material produced naturally by plants during photosynthesis. Called lignocellulose, it comprises half of dry plant matter.
      Researchers pu...more
    Scientist Realized Efficient Biosynthesis of Hypoxanthine | 2020-03-05

      Purine compound is significant bioactive substances. It is not only the energy carrier and coenzyme factor, but also the structural component of DNA and RNA. Purine and its derivatives are also widely used in food additives, medicine and other fields.
      Hypoxanthine is a common purine comp...more
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