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    Research Progress
    Function-based Sequencing Technique Permits Analysis of Just a Single Bacteria Cell | 2020-06-25

      Bacteria cells are so small that it has been very difficult until now to analyze the genetic code and metabolic activity of just one cell. Instead, large groups of bacteria have to be analyzed at the same time. But a new screening technique using optical tweezers and taking advantage of the ...more
    Scientists Propose Novel Atomic Dispersion and Coordinatively Unsaturated Cu Catalyst | 2020-06-03

      Non-noble metal nitrogen doped carbon material (M-N-C) catalysts are considered as potential alternatives for precious metals, due to their abundance, biocompatibility, environmental benign and high catalytic performance.
      However, the current synthetic strategies for fabricating M-N-C ca...more
    Researchers Improve Method That Links Genome to Function for Environmental Single-cells | 2020-06-02

      Cells are a little easier to understand, thanks to improved technology developed by a team of researchers based in China. Using a method called Raman-Activated Cell Ejection and Sequencing (RACE-Seq), the scientists were able to greatly improve the success of identifying and sequencing indiv...more
    Biosynthesis System Offers Green Way to Synthesize Acetylacetone | 2020-05-19

      Acetylacetone is widely used as fuel additive and dyeing intermediate. It is also applied in the fields of metal extraction, metal plating, and resin modification. Traditionally, acetylacetone is manufactured through chemical routes using acetone and ketene.
      However, the chemical routes ...more
    Scientists Proposed New Mechanism of Synthesizing Terpene Compounds by Biological Method | 2020-05-12

      Terpenes are widely used in medicine, food additives, cosmetics, biological control, energy industry and many other fields. Recent years, terpenes have attracted more and more attentions due to the high energy density, low freezing point, and low carbon emissions of their hydrogenated produc...more
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