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    Research Progress
    Scientists Prepared Graphdiyne Based Fuel Cell Cathode Catalyst | 2018-10-16

      To deal with common concerns about energy and the environment, much effort has been developed to produce new energy vehicles. As reported by Bloomberg NEF, about four million electric vehicles have been sold due 30 August of 2018 in the world.
      Comparing with traditional cars, the most im...more
    Scientists Release Production Technology of High-purity Tea Saponin | 2018-10-09

      Oil-tea camellia is a unique woody oil-bearing crop in China. The oil-tea camellia processing industry is a pillar industry that energetically develops green agriculture and modern agriculture in Jiangxi, Hunan and Hubei and other main oil-tea camellia producing areas. In addition to tea see...more
    Novel Slurry Reactor for Process Intensification | 2018-09-21

      Slurry reactor is a gas-liquid-solid reactor where particles act as the catalyst. It is very popular in many industries such as the energy and chemical industry, fine chemistry industry, sewage treatment. Separation and collection of catalyst particles from the slurry containing the final pr...more
    Scientist Reveal New Strategy for CO2 Electrochemical Reduction | 2018-08-21

      Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission has become a global problem that leads to climate change and greenhouse effect to the earth. Hence, efficient conversion of greenhouse gas CO2 into value-added liquid fuels is one of significant ways to fix CO2, and it can alleviate the growing shortage of non-r...more
    A New 2D Carbon Material for Flexible Batteries | 2018-08-20

      With the rapid development of the wearable electronics and implantable medical devices, there is a growing demand for flexible batteries with high energy and power density as well as long cycle life. 2D materials are expected to be good candidate electrodes in terms of composition, topology,...more
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