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    Research Progress
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    QIBEBT Established Novel Genome Editing Platform for Industrial Oleaginous Microalgae | 2016-09-05

      Microalgae are organisms that can capture and assimilate atmospheric CO2 by using sunlight. They then store the solar energy and CO2 in the form of energy-dense molecules such as triacylglycerol (TAG), which can be readily converted to oil. Therefore, interest in microalgae as a scalable sol...more
    Figure 2.jpg
    Scientists Turn Inulin Resources into Ethanol and Fructo-oligosaccharides | 2016-07-22

      The sunflower family plant Jerusalem artichoke has been regarded as an important sustainable feedstock in China. The amazing plant can thrive in infertile soil, without competition with farmland for food plants. The plant tuber contains 60-70% of sugars (also known as inulin). The sugars can...more
    How Inorganic and Organic Nutrients Affect Green Tides in the Yellow Sea? | 2016-05-26

      Large macroalgal blooms (also known as green tides, or Ulva prolifera) occurred in the southern Yellow Sea, China, yearly from 2008 to 2015. Since 2008, green tides have become a severe problem with negative impacts on the coastal ecosystem of the southern Yellow Sea. It even affected the ho...more
    How to Scale up Fabrication of High Quality Perovskite Film for Solar Cells? | 2016-04-25

      The organic-inorganic hybrid halides perovskite solar cells have been improved to the certificated efficiency of 22.1% recently and the coming question is how to easily get the high quality perovskite films to meet the requirement for its future real applications.
      The traditional solutio...more
    How Enzymes Find Balance in 3-Hydroxypropionate Biosynthesis? | 2016-02-25

      3-Hydroxypropionate (3HP) is one of top 12 value-added chemicals from biomass ranked in the list released by the US Department of Energy. The nature of the molecular structure makes it capable of converting to various compounds. The microbial production of 3HP with inexpensive bio-based stoc...more
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