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    Research Progress
    Novel Corn Stalk Pretreatment Method Improves Bio-methane Production | 2020-05-07

      Researchers led by Prof. LI Fuli from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences proposed a novel pretreatment method, named AHP-LiCl/DMAc, to improve corn stalk degradation by forceful delignification for enhanced biomethanation....more
    Is Dendrite-free Li Sufficient for Next-generation Lithium Metal Battery Technology? | 2020-05-06

      Lithium metal battery (LMB) is a rechargeable battery using high specific-capacity lithium as an anode. It can potentially break the specific energy-density bottleneck of the current lithium ion battery technology due to its high energy-density property. However, the formation of dendrite at...more
    Heat-friendly Microbes Provide Efficient Way to Biodegrade Plastic | 2020-04-29

      Researchers in China have engineered a microbe that shows promise as the foundation of an efficient way to break down polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a common plastic fiber used to manufacture clothing and disposable consumer products.
      The researchers published their findings in the Mi...more
    Scientists Propose Novel Bifunctional Iron Nanocomposite Catalyst | 2020-04-09

      Oxidation of alkenes to carbonyl compounds is one of the most important industrial reactions. The oxidation products are very important and useful intermediates or building block in synthetic organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and bulk/fine chemicals.
      Traditional syntheti...more
    Scientists Propose New AKRP Strategy for Chiral Polymers Synthesis | 2020-04-02

      Chirality science is related to life science, human health, material technology and national economy. Inspired by biological macromolecules (DNAs, proteins, etc.), scientists have found that chirality is also one of the basic characteristics of polymer materials.
      Up to now, the research ...more
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