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    Research Progress
    Scientists Established NanDeSyn Database to Support International Cooperation on Industrial Microalgae | 2020-10-26

      Industrial oil-producing microalgae can use light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into oils on a large scale. Therefore, it is a potential solution for the sustainable supply of food, nutrition and fuel for human society.
      To promote resource sharing and research cooperation fo...more
    Discovery of pH-dependent 'switch' in Interaction between Pair of Protein Molecules | 2020-10-24

      All biological processes are in some way pH-dependent. Our human bodies, and those of other organisms, need to maintain specific -- and constant -- pH regulation in order to function. Changes in pH can have serious biological consequences or, as researchers at the Qingdao Institute of Bioene...more
    Scientists Propose Novel Selective Transfer Hydrogenation Catalysts with Improved Stability | 2020-10-20

      Alcohols are important compounds widely used in the food, fragrance, pharmaceutical and bulk/fine chemical industries. α,β-unsaturated alcohols is a kind of alcohol that can be produced via the hydrogenation of α,β-unsaturated aldehydes.
      However, during the hydrogenation process, man...more
    Scientist Propose Multifunctional Liquid Metal Nanocapsules | 2020-09-21

      Liquid metals (LMs) are promising for applications in flexible electronics and biomimetic functional composites. Nanometerization and surface modification of LMs are usually used to improve their substrate affinity and processing properties. In most cases, LM nanodroplets are encapsulated in...more
    Solvation Rearrangement Brings Stable Zinc/Graphite Batteries Closer to Commercial Grid Storage | 2020-09-10

      With grid-scale renewable energy on the rise, many scholars have shifted their attention from energy generation to energy storage. Whether it is solar cells converting sunlight into power, or windmills transforming air currents into electrical currents, the sources of renewable energy genera...more
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