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    Research Progress
    Cl-GDY application in Lithium-ion battery.jpg
    A “Bottom-to-Up” Strategy to Prepare New Carbon Rich Materials | 2017-09-05

      Energy is a matter of our future. Whether in production, storage or use of energy, carbon materials could provide a good solution. They are closely related to human life and are regarded as one of the most promising candidates for the flexible electrodes in energy storage devices.
    QIBEBT Generated Super-microalga for CO2 Fixation | 2017-09-04

      Microalgae can convert CO2 and solar energy to oil, which provide a potential solution for clean-energy production and value-added utilization of CO2. For the key question of enhancing the efficiency of microalgal carbon fixation, the Single-Cell Center at Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and ...more
    Duckweed Outbreak Turns be a Good Thing | 2017-07-26

      Due to rising temperatures and rain, recent news reports multiple occurrences of duckweed outbreak. Duckweed is considered a promising source of energy because of its high starch content and rapid growth rate. Starch accumulation in duckweed involves complex processes that depend on the bala...more
    Turn Hazard Waste into Valuable Treasure by a "Chemomimetic" Biocatalytic System | 2017-07-03

      In the daily life, everyone would be troubled by various wastes. These wastes may cause the serous environmental pollution. The utilization of waste has become the hot spot of scientific research.
      The Enzyme Engineering Group, directed by Professor LI Shengying at Qingdao Institute of Bi...more
    QIBEBT Developed Novel Whole-cell Catalyst for Efficient Cellulose Saccharification | 2017-06-14

      Cost-efficient saccharification is one of the main bottlenecks for industrial lignocellulose conversion. Metabolomics group of Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology is working towards highly efficient cellulose saccharification to promote the utilization of lignocellulosic...more
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