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    Research Progress
    Figure Schematic illustration of RADS._副本.jpg
    Scientists Developed Raman-Activated Droplet Sorting System for Single-Cell Screening | 2017-12-04

      Single-cells are the basic unit of cellular life function and evolution on earth. Accurate and high-throughput sorting of single-cells are key tools for mechanistic dissection of functional heterogeneity among cells and probing yet-to-be-cultured microbes in nature. Due to its label-free and...more
    Scientists Produce Designer Oils in Industrial Microalgae | 2017-11-29
    Due to the high photosynthetic growth potential and rich oil content, many oil-rich algae have aroused people's interest. They could be employed as feedstock for scalable production of biofuels and biomaterials from carbon dioxide. As a main form of energy storage in microalgal cells, triacylglyc...more
    Two Modification Hydrolases “Speed-Up” Biomass Utilization | 2017-11-29

      Biomass is the most abundant bio-resource on earth. Its utilization enrolls in the central step of “Carbon Cycle” in nature, and now offers the renewable materials for modern industry. After billions years evolution, plant cell walls formed a natural degradation–resistant barriers. A rese...more
    Figure Salt-induced sucrose synthesis in an engineered strain of Synechoccous elongatus PCC 7942_副本.jpg
    New Insights about Relation between Glycogen and Sucrose Syntheses in Cyanobacteria | 2017-11-28

      Cyanobacteria, former named blue-green algae, have been attracting increasing research interest for the production of biofuels and biochemicals in recent years due to their capability to convert atmosphere CO2 and light energy to carbohydrates by oxygenic photosynthesis. Many freshwater or m...more
    Figure 1. Cd flux, accumulation, and distribution in L. punctata 6001_副本_副本.jpg
    Duckweeds Remediate Heavy Metal Pollution in Water | 2017-11-27

      Cadmium (Cd) is a heavy metal contaminant that is extensively distributed in the environment, especially in water and soil. Water is a major medium of Cd diffusion in nature, and Cd is generally translocated into soil through irrigation. Thus, much attention has recently been paid to water p...more
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