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    Research Progress
    Substitution of aspartate to glutamate increased substrate binding affinity but did not change protein stability..jpg
    How does the thermostable enzyme bind substrate tightly at elevated temperature? | 2018-01-15

      Temperature is one of the most important factors for evolution. As the temperature increases, the catalytic activity of the enzyme increases correspondingly, but at the same time, the affinity between the enzyme and the substrate decreases. It has been proved that metal ions enhance the act...more
    Best-ever Performance Magnesium Sulfur Battery System Born in Qingdao | 2017-12-18

      As regards the demand for energy storage batteries, higher energy density and safer property have been the imperative target with the rapid market expansion of electric vehicles and grid-scale storage systems. Among various new battery technologies, rechargeable magnesium(Mg) battery has att...more
    Figure Schematic illustration of RADS._副本.jpg
    Scientists Developed Raman-Activated Droplet Sorting System for Single-Cell Screening | 2017-12-04

      Single-cells are the basic unit of cellular life function and evolution on earth. Accurate and high-throughput sorting of single-cells are key tools for mechanistic dissection of functional heterogeneity among cells and probing yet-to-be-cultured microbes in nature. Due to its label-free and...more
    Scientists Produce Designer Oils in Industrial Microalgae | 2017-11-29
    Due to the high photosynthetic growth potential and rich oil content, many oil-rich algae have aroused people's interest. They could be employed as feedstock for scalable production of biofuels and biomaterials from carbon dioxide. As a main form of energy storage in microalgal cells, triacylglyc...more
    Two Modification Hydrolases “Speed-Up” Biomass Utilization | 2017-11-29

      Biomass is the most abundant bio-resource on earth. Its utilization enrolls in the central step of “Carbon Cycle” in nature, and now offers the renewable materials for modern industry. After billions years evolution, plant cell walls formed a natural degradation–resistant barriers. A rese...more
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