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    Research Progress
    Non-food Bioethanol Production Improves via CBP | 2012-11-06
    Jerusalem artichoke is a kind of new energy plant, which can grow well on poor land without competition for good quality fertile land and possesses high tolerance to frost and plant diseases. Jerusalem artichoke tubers or the residue of Jerusalem artichoke from sugar industry are promising feedst...more
    Genetically Engineering Cyanobacteria Display Huge Potential for Photosynthetic Bioethanol Production | 2012-10-09
    Rapidly growing demands for energy and environmental concerns about carbon dioxide emissions make development of renewable biofuels more and more attractive. Tremendous academic and industrial efforts have been paid to produce bioethanol, which is one major type of biofuel. The current commercial...more
    Promising Application of Non-Noble Metal Electro-catalyst in Energy Storage and Conversion Devices | 2012-10-11
    As core materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage, noble metal catalyst shows high catalytic activity, such as platinum, etc. However, high costs limit its industrialization. Recently, Professor CUI Guanglei, lead of Biomimetics Energy and System Group at Qingdao Institute of Bi...more
    QIBEBT Developed D-xylose Detection Method by Construction of Xylose Dehydrogenase Bacteria Displayed System | 2012-01-06

      D-xylose (INS 967) is an important carbohydrate, which is not only one of the main hydrolysis products of cellulose in fuel ethanol, but also the perfect sweetener and therapeutical agent for diabetics. Therefore, a rapid, sensitive and selective detection of xylose would be of great interes...more
    Nervonic Acid Makes Commercial Algae Biodiesel Possible | 2011-11-15
    Biodiesel, from feedstock such as microalgae, has received extensive attention in recent years, owing to its biodegradability, renewability, and lack of toxicity. However, technical and economic barriers must be overcome to realize the potential of this energy. In order for microalgae to become a...more
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