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    Research Progress
    QIBEBT Developed D-xylose Detection Method by Construction of Xylose Dehydrogenase Bacteria Displayed System | 2012-01-06
    D-xylose (INS 967) is an important carbohydrate, which is not only one of the main hydrolysis products of cellulose in fuel ethanol, but also the perfect sweetener and therapeutical agent for diabetics. Therefore, a rapid, sensitive and selective detection of xylose would be of great interest in ...more
    Nervonic Acid Makes Commercial Algae Biodiesel Possible | 2011-11-15
    Biodiesel, from feedstock such as microalgae, has received extensive attention in recent years, owing to its biodegradability, renewability, and lack of toxicity. However, technical and economic barriers must be overcome to realize the potential of this energy. In order for microalgae to become a...more
    Novel Strategy in thermophilic fermentation of ethanol revealed by QIBEBT | 2011-10-26
    The ability to simultaneously utilize pentose and hexose has been a crucial goal in the production of cellulosic biofuels. On October 13th, PLoS Genetics online published a research article “The thermoanaerobacter glycobiome reveals mechanisms of pentose and hexose co-utilization in bacteria” b...more
    QIBEBT Develops Nanostructured Mixed Conducting Materials for Energy Storage | 2011-09-07
    The exploration of high-performance electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage system has aroused increasing scientific interests. Professor CUI Guanglei, group leader of Biomimetics Energy and System Group at Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technologyand his research gr...more
    Metagenomics Research Platform Established in QIBEBT | 2011-07-25
    Metagenome refers to the sum of all genetic information existing in an environmental sample; it consists of the genomes of many individual organisms. Metagenomics bypasses the need for isolation or cultivation of microbes, thus enables studies into the unculturable. Metagenomics has been a powerf...more
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