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    Research Progress
    Recycled Porous Ceramsite Becomes New Composting Material | 2019-03-29

      Composting is an economical and environmentally friendly method for the disposing of organic solid wastes by which the waste could be degraded and converted into stable and mature compost with few readily degradable organic matter content and rich N, P, K nutrients, beneficial for the growth...more
    Turn Back the Clock of Evolution: CAS Scientists Developed High-CO2-tolerant Super Oleaginous Microalgae | 2019-03-22

      The rapid elevation of atmospheric carbon dioxide level has led to global warm and ocean acidification. Microalgae, which together account for nearly 40% of global carbon dioxide fixation on Earth, have found themselves on the forefront of mankind’s battle against climate change, since many...more
    Scientist Proposed Accurate Prediction Model of Bubble Diameter for Industrial Gas Sparger | 2019-02-27

      Gas-liquid and gas-liquid-solid reactors have been widely applied in fermentation, photosynthetic culture, metallurgy, and many other processes in chemical industries. Bubble size is one of the most important parameters for accurate design of gas-liquid apparatus. Accurate prediction of bubb...more
    A Novel Consolidated Bio-Saccharification Technique for Lignocellulose Conversion | 2019-02-25

      The industrial conversion of biomass to high-value biofuels and biochemical is mainly restricted by lignocellulose solubilization. Currently, three strategies are reported for lignocellulose bioconversion: separate enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation (SHF), simultaneous saccharification a...more
    Scientists Exploited a Gel Polymer Electrolyte for High Performance Magnesium Batteries | 2019-02-01

      Electronic products, electric vehicles and large-scale energy storage closely related to human life put up an ever-growing demand for rechargeable batteries.
      Lithium-ion batteries, which are currently widely used, perform not well in terms of energy density and safety. As for rechargeabl...more
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