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    Research Progress
    Scientists Reviewed Strategies to Optimize Cyanobacteria Chassis Cells for Photosynthetic Biomanufacturing | 2019-09-17

      Photosynthetic biomanufacturing refers to the technology of directly converting solar energy and carbon dioxide into biofuels and biochemicals based on photosynthetic organisms. It can simultaneously achieve the effects of carbon sequestration and green production in a single platform and a ...more
    Scientists Porposed Novel Liquid Metal Nanodroplets Electronic Ink and Intelligent Flexible Conductive Devices | 2019-08-27

      With therapid development of electronic technologies and the improvement of people's living levels, soft electronic devices with properties of flexibility, stretchability and biocompatibility are on urgent demand.
      Liquid metals (LMs) show great potential in soft electronics because of th...more
    Scientists Use Skin’s Microbiome to Develop Health Index for Children with Eczema | 2019-08-22

      Microbiomes aren’t just for understanding and modulating gut health—skin, our largest organ, hosts a vibrant and complex microbiome that can provide health insights. An international research team has developed an index to better understand skin health across human populations.
      They p...more
    Study Reveals Mechanisms that Turned the Yellow Sea Green | 2019-08-13

      Chinese scientists have unraveled the complex suite of factors that contributed to the world’s largest green tide outbreak to date, in the Yellow Sea.
      Their study was published in the peer-reviewed journal National Science Review, a joint publication of Oxford University Press and the C...more
    Scientists Reveal Residue Specific Protein Folding and Unfolding Dynamics in Cells | 2019-08-12

      How proteins efficiently function in real biological environments with crowding and significant chemical and physical heterogeneity remains a fundamental question in biology. Typical cytoplasmic macromolecular concentrations are 300–450 g/L, which may affect protein folding and function. Bu...more
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