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    Research Progress
    Scientists Invented a New External Loop Airlift Slurry Reactor | 2019-11-04

      The gas-liquid-solid slurry reactor, where particles act as catalyst, has been widely applied in energy chemical industry, fine chemistry industry, material chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry. It has advantages of uniform temperature distribution, perfect mass transfer characteri...more
    Scientist Reveals the Pollution Status and Potential Negative Effects of Triazine Herbicides in Coastal Waters | 2019-10-21

      With the rapid growth of global population and food demand, herbicides are being excessively used worldwide. More than half of the herbicides in market are photosynthetic inhibitors, which can cause serious negative effects on photosynthetic organisms at high concentrations.
      Scientists s...more
    Scientists Developed a High Efficient and Stable Hybrid Nanostructured Catalyst | 2019-10-21

      The development of high efficient and stable non-precious metal-based heterogeneous catalysts to replace noble metal catalysts is an important research topic from the viewpoint of green and sustainable chemistry yet remains a big challenge.
      In recent years, nanostructured Fe–nitrogen-co...more
    Scientists Reviewed Strategies to Optimize Cyanobacteria Chassis Cells for Photosynthetic Biomanufacturing | 2019-09-17

      Photosynthetic biomanufacturing refers to the technology of directly converting solar energy and carbon dioxide into biofuels and biochemicals based on photosynthetic organisms. It can simultaneously achieve the effects of carbon sequestration and green production in a single platform and a ...more
    Scientists Porposed Novel Liquid Metal Nanodroplets Electronic Ink and Intelligent Flexible Conductive Devices | 2019-08-27

      With therapid development of electronic technologies and the improvement of people's living levels, soft electronic devices with properties of flexibility, stretchability and biocompatibility are on urgent demand.
      Liquid metals (LMs) show great potential in soft electronics because of th...more
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