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    Research Progress
    Scientist Propose Multifunctional Liquid Metal Nanocapsules | 2020-09-21

      Liquid metals (LMs) are promising for applications in flexible electronics and biomimetic functional composites. Nanometerization and surface modification of LMs are usually used to improve their substrate affinity and processing properties. In most cases, LM nanodroplets are encapsulated in...more
    Solvation Rearrangement Brings Stable Zinc/Graphite Batteries Closer to Commercial Grid Storage | 2020-09-10

      With grid-scale renewable energy on the rise, many scholars have shifted their attention from energy generation to energy storage. Whether it is solar cells converting sunlight into power, or windmills transforming air currents into electrical currents, the sources of renewable energy genera...more
    Scientists Reveal Long-term Cumulative Effects of Frequent Green Tides in Coastal Oceans | 2020-08-11

      The world’s largest green tide caused by Ulva prolifera has been occurring continually in the Yellow Sea, China for more than ten years. It has become a serious marine ecological disaster.
      Through systematic research, scientists have fully understood the cause and outbreak mechanism of ...more
    Scientists Introduce FlowRACS for High-throughput Discovery of Enzymes | 2020-08-07

      Enzymes are molecules that catalyze metabolisms. Discovery and mining of enzymes, such as those producing oils or fixing carbon dioxide, have been a key mission of the biotechnology industry. However, this mission can be very slow and tedious. To tackle this key challenge, scientists based i...more
    Nanoreactor Strategy Generates Superior Supported Bimetallic Catalysts | 2020-07-31

      Supported bimetallic catalysts are an important class of catalysts in heterogeneous catalysis. They can be applied in various fields, such as electrocatalysis, biomass conversion, and hydrogen production.
      However, traditional impregnation and immobilization methods for synthesizing suppo...more
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