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    Upcoming Events
    Solar energy collection for photosynthesis (13.05.31)
    Flavin-Based Electron Bifurcation in Anaerobic Bacteria and Archaea: A Novel Mechanism of Energy Coupling (13.05.27)
    2nd International Congress on Catalysis for Biorefineries (CatBior 2013) (13.02.25)
    Development of novel catalysts, membrane materials and process for production of benzene, phenol and pure hydrogen from methane (12.11.05)
    Challenges of Economic Production of Bioethanol (12.10.23)
    EMSL---Science, Capabilities and Opportunities (12.10.19)
    Modeling growth of photosynthetic microalgae and carbon partitioning between lipid, protein and carbohydrate & Algae for future - from model to reality (12.07.03)
    Post combustion capture research in CSIRO (12.07.03)
    Painting the planet green: seven steps from porphyrin to chlorophyll (12.07.03)
    EMSL---Science, Capabilities and Opportunities (11.09.05)
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