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    Xylose metabolism and cell wall synthesis
    Update time: 2017-12-07
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    Subject: Xylose metabolism and cell wall synthesis


    Speaker: Dr. Wei Zeng


    Organization: The University of Melbourne


    Time & Date: 9am, 8 December, 2017, Friday


    Place: Bio Bld. 415


    Speaker's CV:



    1997.09-2001.07:B.S. College of Biological Sciences, Beijing Normal University, China

    2004.01-2009.09:Ph.D. in Molecular Cellular Biology, Department of Environmental and Plant Sciences, The Ohio University, USA



    2009.11-2010.11 Postdoc, Penn State University, Supervisor: Marcia Buanafina, Senior research fellow

    2011.2-present Research Fellow, Project Leader, ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls, School of BioSciences, the University of Melbourne, Supervisor: Tony Bacic, Professor, FAA


    Second prize for the Research & Creativity Expo at Ohio University  2008; 2009                            

    Publications (selected):

    1. Zeng W, Chatterjee M, Faik A. UDP-xylose-stimulated glucuronyltransferase activity in wheat microsomal membranes: Characterization and role in glucurono(arabino)xylan biosynthesis. Plant Physiology 2008, 147: 78-91.

    2. Zeng W, Jiang N, Nadella R, Killen TL, Nadella V, Faik A. A glucurono(arabino)xylan synthase complex from wheat contains members of the GT43, GT47, and GT75 families and functions cooperatively. Plant Physiology 2010, 154: 78-97.

    3. Zeng W, Lampugnani ER, Picard KL, Song L, Wu AM, Farion IM, Zhao J, Ford K, Doblin MS, Bacic A. Asparagus IRX9, IRX10, and IRX14A are components of an active xylan backbone synthase complex that forms in the Golgi apparatus. Plant Physiology 2016, 171: 93-109.

    4. Zeng W, Ebert B, Parsons H, Rautengarten C, Bacic A, Heazlewood J. Enrichment of Golgi Membranes from Triticum aestivum (Wheat) Seedlings. Methods in Molecular Biology 2017, 1511: 131-150.

    5. Suzuki T, Narciso J, Zeng W, van de Meene A, Yasutomi M, Takemura S, Lampugnani ER, Doblin MS, Bacic A, Ishiguro S. KNS4/UPEX1: A type II arabinogalactan β-(1,3)-Galactosyltransfe rase required for pollen exine development. Plant Physiology 2017, 173: 183-205.

    6. Qin LX, Chen Y, Zeng W, Li Y, Gao L, Li DD, Bacic A, Xu WL, Li XB. The cotton β-galactosyltransferase 1 (GalT1) that galactosylates arabinogalactan-proteins participates in controlling fiber development. Plant Journal 2017, 89: 957-971.

    7. Ebert B, Rautengarten C, McFarlane H, Rupasinghe T, Zeng W, Ford K, Scheller HV, Bacic A, Roessner U, Persson S, Heazlewood JL. A single UDP-GlcNAc transporter is required for lumenal N-acetyl glycosylation of N-glycans and sphingolipids. Nature Plants (Under revision).

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