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    QIBEBT Held 2021 Online International Student Admission Briefing
    Update time: 2021-02-01
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    On January 22nd, QIBEBT held the first online International Student Admission Briefing, which is a branch venue of online International Student Admission Briefing held by UCAS (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences).

    During this briefing, Prof. LU Xuefeng, the associate director of the Institute, gave a welcome speech to all the international students. He hoped that all of international students could have a more comprehensive understanding of the institute through the online briefing. In addition, he cordially invited all the international students would come to our institute for their further study.

    Afterwards, the supervisor representatives introduced the research status, progress and prospect of the three disciplines, biology, chemical engineering and materials respectively. During the tour of the institute, the host led the campers visit the exhibition hall of the institute and understands the historical development, talent team, discipline construction and other aspects of the institute.

    At the same time, Jessica Juwerian Ibrahim, the outstanding representative of international students, was invited to share her study and life experience in QIBEBT.

    The International Student Admission Briefing has received the attention and strong support from embassies of various countries. The active publicity of the Briefing not only expanded the source of international students of our institute, but also laid a solid foundation for the next step of international student admission and selection.

    (Text by XIE Yuman)

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