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    QIBEBT Organizes Training Course for the Advanced Resources Chemical Processes in Catalysis and Energy
    Update time: 2019-02-28
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    With the support of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), QIBEBT organized a training course for the advanced resources chemical processes in catalysis and energy, from February 17th to 22nd, 2019. Dr. FENG Aisheng, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of QIBEBT lead a delegation comprising representatives from young research and management staff from QIBEBT, DICP and Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

    This training course closely followed the theme of biomass energy and resources, focused on large research project management, transformation of research achievement, international cooperation and scientific communication. The courses were carried out in different forms of academic lectures, on-site teaching, corporate training, technology experience, discussion and exchange.

    The delegation completed the intensive training by a professor working on energy and chemical engineering at University of Toyama, in the field of C1 chemistry. They learned to synthesize sulfur-free, nitrogen-free biodiesel, gasoline, alcohol, ether, etc. from natural gas, coal and biomass, from the lab scale to demonstration projects. They also learned the refined and standardized management of application and implementation of the large-scale research projects. Subsequently, Professor ABE Takayuki of the Hydrogen Materials Research Center, Professor Kazuhiro Hoshino of the Department of Materials and Mechanical Engineering, Professor Naoki Toyooka of the Department of Biotechnology, and Professor Katsuko Komatsu of the Institute of Natural Medicine gave lectures on electrocatalysis and fuel cells, biofuels and paper waste treatment technologies, chemical synthesis of natural medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and functional research, etc..

    Besides, the delegation also took corporate trainings at the world-renowned chemical company, Clariant Catalysts, and small molecule intermediate for global pharmaceutical companies, Fukuzyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,. As a necessary part of this training program, the delegation experienced a wide range of science and technology activities at the Museum of Materia Medica of Toyama University, the Tateyama Caldera Sabo Museum and the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

    During the stay in Japan, Dr. Haruko Yoneyama, deputy director of the China Research and Communication Center (CRCC) of JST hosted the delegation. Dr. Yoneyama introduced the functions of JST, the evolution of CRCC construction and development, and the contribution and achievements that CRCC promotes science and technology cooperation between Japan and China, especially with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Aisheng Feng introduced the research layout and achievements of QIBEBT and DICP, and highlighted the progress of cooperation and exchanges with Japanese partners. Dr. Yoneyama expressed that CRCC will carry out in-depth cooperation with the two research institutes and the city of Qingdao in terms of inter-organizations exchanges, exchanges of Chinese and Japanese young research and management personnel, and cooperation between high-level researchers.

    This training course were implemented to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with neighboring countries and enhance the capability of research and management team. In the next step, QIBEBT will select outstanding young talents to take a long-term training in Japan, explore and optimize exchange and cooperation mechanisms, invite Japanese professors and corporate management to QIBEBT, and actively deepen and expand scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges with institutions in Japan.

    On-site teaching---Biological treatment and high-valued utilization of papermaking waste

    Corporate training---Clariant Catalysts

    Meeting with CRCC

    (Text by YANG Xutong, Image by YANG Guohui and YANG Xutong)


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