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    Professor WONG Wai-Yeung from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University attend the International experts high-level Forum
    Update time: 2018-10-29
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    On October 29, Professor WONG Wai-Yeung of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University was invited to attend the "International Distinguished Experts Forum 2018" sponsored by Qingdao institute of biological energy and process (QIBEBT), Chinese academy of sciences (CAS). Prof. Wong talked about the "Chirality - Predicted Growth of Horizontal Carbon Nanotubes Array with Designed Catalysts". This report is moderated by FENG Aisheng, the deputy party secretary of the institute.

    This lecture highlights the recent progress in the advances of numerous functional metal-organic molecules with tunable photofunctional and electronic traits. Focus is placed on examining their potential in light-emitting applications and photovoltaic cells for solar power generation and magnetic data storage applications. The strategies based on structural modifications of the ligand to tune the emission and photovoltaic properties of these materials will be presented and discussed.

    During this period, professor WONG Wai-Yeung visited the exhibition hall of the institute and the laboratory of carbon based materials and energy application, and conducted academic exchanges, laying a good foundation for future cooperation and exchanges.

    Professor WONG is currently the deputy dean of the school of applied science and textiles of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and chair professor of chemical technology and professor of energy at the department of applied biology and chemical technology. He is the Doctoral supervisor, distinguished professor of Changjiang scholar, ministry of education. More than 570 papers have been published in academic journals as Nature Mater., Nature Commun., Chem. Soc. Rev., j. Am. Chem. The h-index has been cited by domestic and foreign peers more than 19,000 times (total cited more than 22,000 times).

    (Text and Image by WANG Ning)

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