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    Professor CHUNG Keng of QIBEBT attended the 9th Regional Leaders Summit
    Update time: 2018-05-25
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    From May 16th-18th 2018, Mr. SUN Jiye, Deputy Premier of Shandong Province, led a delegation attending the 9th Regional Leaders Summit (RLS) held in Quebec City, Canada. He was accompanied by Professor CHUNG Keng of the Heterogeneous Catalytic Conversion Group at the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as Shandong’s representative for the RLS Energy forum.

    RLS was established in 2000 consisting of seven regional members: Shandong of China, Bavaria of Germany, Upper Austria of Austria, Quebec of Canada, Western Cape of South Africa, Georgia of United State of America, and Sao Paulo of Brazil. The international Summit is held every two years. Since launching the RLS, its regional participants have initiated hundreds of bilateral and multilateral collaborative projects which impact development activity in each region. The theme of the Summit is "Energy Transition: Towards a Low Carbon Economy".

    The Summit opening ceremony was held at the National Art Museum in Quebec City. Professor CHUNG met with Mr. SUN Jiye, Mr. Philippe Couillard, Madam Helen Zille, the Premiers of Shandong, Quebec, and Western Cape, respectively, and guests from all regions, and had a cordial and friendly conversation on new energy related activities at QIBEBT and in Shandong Province.

    At the Energy forum, Professor CHUNG presented the renewable energy development in Shandong Province and its medium to long-term strategic plans. He elaborated on the current “13th Five-Year Plan” which prioritizes key developments in China. Shandong Province is to adjust and optimize its current energy structure, promote energy transformation and its strategic development opportunity. QIBEBT uses the “13th Five-Year Plan” as a template, focusing on new energy, new materials, advanced biotechnology, and the transformation of conventional to new energy conversion. QIBEBT will collaborate with regional partners in technology development.

    The energy experts from all regions discussed establishing a strategic energy route map, as a mean to sustain long-term cooperation among the regions. Due to the unique geography, environment, and resources available in each region, the implementation of new energy will be different among the regions. Nevertheless, through complementary advantages and technology sharing, regional partners can jointly develop renewable energy, improve energy efficiency, and reduce costs.

    Professor CHUNG gave a presentation on “Renewable Energy and Green Technology at QIBEBT” to students from all regions participating in the RLS Energy Summer School, describing QIBEBT development profile, research areas, and achievements. Overall the presentation was well received by the students with great enthusiasm. Many students expressed interest to further their studies at QIBEBT. By participating in this Summit, QIBEBT had elevated its profile and received international recognition in energy development. It was also attracting high quality personnel from overseas, as well as international students.

    Professor CHUNG Keng communicated with Mr. Philippe Couillard, and Madam Helen Zille.(Image by LI Shuangju)

    Professor CHUNG Keng gave the lecture. (Image by LI Shuangju)

    (Text by LI Shuangju)


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