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    Prof. Jerald L. Schnoor delivered a lecture on biofuel and cellulosic biofuel in Iowa and the U.S. in QIBEBT
    Update time: 2018-05-14
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    On 10th of May, Prof. Jerald L. Schnoor, serving as Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Science and Technology in 2002 to 2014, was invited to the “QIBEBT Distinguished Expert Forum” of the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The forum was presided over by LIANG Xiangfeng, director of science and technology division of QIBEBT, and awarded the " QIBEBT Distinguished Expert Forum" medal for Prof. Jerald.

    Prof. Jerald L. Schnoor delivered a lecture entitled “Biofuel and Cellulosic Biofuel in Iowa and the U.S.”. Prof. Jerald introduced the challenges which biofuels and RFS2 faced to growth. In addition, he introduced plus local water problems and water quality impacts from irrigation and ethanol production facilities. Finally, he emphasized the food crops were a higher use and cellulosic biofuels would be better with less environmental impacts and more sustainability.

    Prof. Jerald was invited by Prof. ZHAO Zongshan, the group leader of Esource Environment and Green Separation group of QIBEBT. This visit was expected to promote academic exchanges with Prof. Jerald.

    Professor Jerald L. Schnoor is the Allen S. Henry Chair in Engineering and the Co-Director of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research at the University of Iowa. Serving as Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Science and Technology in 2002 to 2014, Jerald guided the leading journal in both environmental science and environmental engineering. His editorial writings on environmental protection have been widely accessed by the international community. Professor Jerald has published (as author, co-author, or editor) seven books and 200 research articles in archival journals. Jerald’s publications cover a wide range of topics including water sustainability, water quality modeling, phytoremediation, and climate change, and so on. Jerald won the 2010 Clarke Prize from the National Water Research Institute for his work on water sustainability. In 2013, he was honored as an Einstein Professor by the CAS and lectured widely on water and climate change.

    (Text and Image by SHEN Zhaoshuang)

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