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    Professor ONG Beng from Hong Kong Baptist University Visited QIBEBT
    Update time: 2017-12-29
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    On Dec. 25, 2017, Prof. ONG Beng from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) was invited by Prof. Yang Renqiang, the group leader of Advanced Organic Functional Materials & Devices Group, and gave a talk entitled “Printed Electronics - Progress in Materials and Processes”.

    In his lecture, he first emphasized the advantages of printed electronics in the fabrication of large-area flexible devices, which can be complementary to the traditional high-performance inorganic materials in different applications. Then he took the filed-effect transistor as the models and systemically introduced the relationship between the conjugated polymers structure and device performance in the viewpoint of molecules design. Meanwhile, he thought there still was a big space to further optimize the performance for polymer filed-effect transistor, which exhibited a great application prospect in printed electronics. After the lecture, the participants exchanged views on the related academic issues with Prof. ONG Beng, and this visit could be expected to facilitate further potential collaborations.

    Prof. ONG Beng is Director of Research Centre of Excellence for Organic Electronics, Deputy Director of Institute of Creativity, and Chair Professor of Materials Science at HKBU. He was formerly a Senior Fellow and 21st-Century Materials Strategist at Xerox Corporation, an Area Manager at Xerox Research Centre of Canada, Distinguished Nanyang Professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, concurrently holding joint Directorships at Institute of Materials Research and Engineering and Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology as well as a Program Directorship at Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research. Prof. ONG has published extensively in advanced materials, organic electronics, and nanotechnology, and an H-index of 65 and over 16,000 citations, and currently holds a patent portfolio of 230 US patents. His honors and recognitions include US Scientific American Top-50 in Chemicals and Materials, Nanyang Distinguished Alumni Award, Chester Carlson Inventor Award, Xerox Top Innovator, etc. as well as international program awards including American Chemical Society’s Innovation Award, NanoTech-50’s Nanotechnology Innovation Award and Nanotechnology Commercialization Award, to name a few.

    (Text and Image By DU Zurong and WANG Ting)

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