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    A visit for value-added products from biomass
    Update time: 2010-04-12
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    The Corporation Research Director of Roquette Group Mr. Thierry Marcel and Roquette North Asia Project vice-Director Mr. George Gocze visit the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT), Chinese Academy of Sciences on April 8, 2010. Assistant Director General Dr. LV Xuefeng hosted the meeting.

    During the meeting, Mr. George Gocze introduces Roquette’s global innovation strategy and progress in the field of food, health and performance materials, as well as the facilities in Asia. Dr. LIU Tianzhong, Group Leader of Energy Algae Resources, Dr. MOU Xindong, Group Leader of Green Chemocatalysis and Dr. LI Liangzhi, Project Lead in Multicarbon Chemicals Group give introductions to the current research work and develop plan in the areas of oleaginous algae harvest, oil extraction technology and polyols synthesis from cellulose, respectively.

    This second visit since last December, the Roquette wishes to explore collaboration with Chinese partners for high value-added products from microalgae and fine chemicals from cellulose.

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