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    Lecture: Overview on Recent Achievements on Contact Materials and Layers Stacks for Perovskite Solar Cells
    Update time: 2019-09-23
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    LectureOverview on recent achievements on contact materials and layers stacks for Perovskite solar cells

    LecturerProf. Dr. Bernd Szyszka, Technische Universit?t Berlin

    Time9:40 am, September 23, 2019, Monday

    Location111 Meeting Room, Energy Building

    Introduction of Lecturer: 

    Dr. Bernd Szyszka is a full professor at the Berlin Institute of Technology, Chair Technology of Thin Film Devices. He got the physics diploma at the Technical University of Braunschweig and the Institute for Metal Physics and Nuclear Solid State Physics in 1995. In 1999, he received a PhD in physics from University of Giessenstudy. After that, he become a scientist at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST in Braunschweig, Germany. And His main research focuses on transparent conductive oxides, oxide electronics, photovoltaics, flat panel displays, glazing, magnetron sputtering, large area coatings, material and process modelling. He has published more than 150 academic papers in Thin Sold Films, Surface and Coatings Technology, Physical status solid, Vacuum, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Materials, Applied Physics Letters, ACS Applied Energy Materials etc., and was cited for more than 2000 times, with h factor 33.34. He was awarded Ferchau Innovation Price on the development of Serial Magnetron co-sputtering (2011) and SVC Mentor Award on Achievements in Reactive Sputtering (2013).

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