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    Ethanol Xylosides Formation during Ethanol Organosolv Pulping
    Update time: 2016-11-14
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    Lecture: Ethanol Xylosides Formation during Ethanol Organosolv Pulping 

    Lecturer: Prof. Adriaan van Heiningen, University of Maine, USA 

    Time: 9:00am, Nov 11, 2016 

    Location: Meeting Room 216 of Energy Building 

    Introduction of Lecturers:  

    Dr. Adriaan van Heiningen is the J. Larcom Ober Chair in Chemical Engineering at the University of Maine. He has over than 30 years’ expertise in chemical engineering aspects of pulp and paper processes, in particular those of wood pulping, pulp bleaching, and recovery of spent kraft pulping chemicals. He also has more than 10 years’ expertise in all aspects of so-called “Integrated Forest Products Refineries” which produce transportation fluids, chemicals and biomaterials besides pulp, paper and wood products. Dr. Van Heiningen obtained his B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and M. Eng. degree in Chemical Engineering at the State University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He then immigrated to Canada, and obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal. His scientific work was honoured at the “Emerging Technologies in Lignocellulosic Products and Materials” Symposium held for three days during the 63rd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, October 21-23, 2013, Fredericton, NB, Canada. He received several awards including the 2010 Andrew Chase Forest Products Division Award, AIChE, the 2009 PAPTAC Howard Rapson Memorial Award for best bleaching paper, and the 2001 TAPPI Walter J. Bublitz Award. He is a Tappi Fellow, a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada, and Scientific Board Member of American Process Inc. (API). He was a Finland Distinguished Professor (FiDiPro) in the Department of Forest Products Technology at Aalto University in Finland from 2007 to 2011, and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology (IPST) in 2003. Earlier positions which he held were: Professor and Senior Chair holder, Industrial Research Chair in Pulping Technology, at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada (1991-1998) and (Senior) Scientist, Paprican, Montreal, Canada (1983-1991). He is known for his work in black liquor pyrolysis and gasification, pulp bleaching with oxygen, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and peracetic acid, pulp production using Kraft, sulfite, organosolv (ethanol/water) and AVAP® (SO2/ethanol/water) processes, and finally pre-extraction of hemicelluloses before Kraft pulping using water, alkaline aqueous solutions, or acidic aqueous solutions. He is an internationally recognized pioneer in the fields of biorefinery and the development of new biomaterials and chemicals. 


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